Friday, February 1, 2013

Health Update: Knee

I decided it was time to get serious about my fitness last fall.  MS and I joined the nearby gym, paying three times more than Planet Fitness for the location and convenience factor.  I jumped right back into my favorite Body Pump class and immediately realized my knee wasn't recovering the way it used to.

Over 12 years ago, I had reconstructive ACL knee surgery.  The doctor told me I would likely need reconstructive knee surgery at some point.  I decided to look up my doctor and get a check up to see if everything was fine, which of course I knew it wasn't.  I went in November.  The doctor was shocked at how well I was walking given the sight of my x-rays.  While the ACL is fine, I have more damage and long-story-short, bone on bone.  He advised that I shouldn't be doing lunges or squats and I should understand I can't do things like others my age.  Well duh, I should be doing more! :)  He gave me an anti-inflammatory and suggested I grin and bear it, and admitted he hoped I wouldn't need reconstructive surgery so young.

Fast forward to January knee is getting worse.  I am taking the as needed anti-inflammatory pills more and more and the pain is not subsiding.  I decided to call the doctor's office on Wednesday to inquire about getting a note for the ability to wear tennis shoes at work if needed and to see if I could be prescribed something else that may be more effective.  I told the girl on the phone I was prescribed the generic of Voltaren.  She called back to question what I was on, thinking I said something else.  She then called and left a message to call her back.  I called this morning and spoke with someone else.  My file was pulled and I was told that I needed to come in to see the doctor again because it had been so long.  Long?  It was mid-November, but whatever.  I left a message for the first girl to call me back.

Tonight I checked my messages on the home phone (despite giving my cell number) and there was a message from the Orthopedic office to call to schedule an appointment with my doctor next week as he wants to see me before refilling my prescription.  WTH?  Of course he would if that is what I called about!  I was given a month prescription (60 pills/2x per day) to use as needed with five refills.  If the message was conveyed that I needed a refill/new prescription since mid-November, O.M.G.  I haven't even used half of my first bottle.  They aren't effective.  When I take them, all I want to do is take multiple pills and I beg to take ibuprofen or anything else to subside the pain.  I just wonder, doesn't anyone listen anymore?

So I will call again and maybe go in for another appointment. I can't wait to see what comes of it all...stay tuned...maybe I will update next year! ;)

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