Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Shower Curtains

For anyone who knows me, my life is not complete without an updated shower curtain.  It had been a while since I actually purchased a new shower curtain.  Especially since I downsized and actually got rid of a few.  I have to admit I don't really change the shower curtain in the basement bathroom very often. Don't get me wrong, I have about six curtains down there that I rotate around, I just don't do it as much since I seldom use that bathroom.

When I purchased my set of golf clubs, I received a rebate for $50 at Menards.  My intention was to purchase a chain saw.  I mean what better purchase than a chain saw?  The last time I borrowed one, I managed to cut down a live tree, have it fall across a dozen wires and land on my garage!  I could only imagine what I could do with my very own chain saw!  So instead, I managed to buy two shower curtains and a bunch of other miscellaneous things instead.  Of course this one, I think I may put in the basement bathroom with the orange too!


Maybe some day I will find a new hobby or passion.  For now I like the instant change to the bathroom, the lack of storage room necessary to house my obsession and the low cost involved! :)

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