Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Outdoor House Updates

I finally decided to replace my garage roof.  I had a feeling if I waited much longer, the roof would have caved in completely.  I wasn't entirely thrilled with the price, but it was done in a day and I am glad to have it replaced!

I haven't done much to the inside of the house.  I have been keeping busy painting at MS' house since he moved and really don't have much energy or desire to do much on my house.  Earlier this year I discontinued our DISH and switched to AT&T Uverse.  I decided I had had enough of the wires and cables in and around the house.  I didn't realize exactly how much I had from the various services over the years!

Cable/Phone Excess Wires
I also came back from vacation and found that I had a decent size hole in the cement in the driveway.  Apparently some rodent dug through the bottom of the window well and and caused the cement to cave in.  MS and I were able to repair the hole as well as a big chunk of the side door step that had broken off when moving in the new washing machine. 

Other than going through a refinance to lower my interest rate and reduce a couple years off the term, things on the housing front have been pretty calm (knock, knock).

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