Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Case of the MIA Banana Peel

Sometimes, well most of the time, my mind is going a dozen different directions at once. Many times over the past month, I have considered, even planned to blog.  And obviously, I didn't.  I still think maybe I will.  Maybe I will go back and blog about happenings.  Maybe I won't.

So after 1.5 hours of procrastinating working out (using my newly adapted Nintendo 64 on my new 32" lcd t.v. to play Galaga while I ride the stationary bike), I decided to blog.  Another form of procrastination?  ABSOLUTELY.  I have intentions of typing a brief blog, but I feel like back story is necessary, then I realize how long it will be.  Do I even bother?  Then I decide, sure, why not, but where to begin?

This week has been extremely long, with two twelve hour plus days at work, meeting with six families in three days.  November and December will always be strenuous as long as I maintain my current job.  So, needless to say, I've been running a little thin and feeling a little disconnected.  Nothing as apparent as what unfolded tonight. 

Last night and this morning I had two scheduled visits with families.  Both families thought that I was coming on different days.  I started to question my sanity and my communication efforts.  Not that I don't take responsibility for my own actions and mistakes, as I will be in Las Vegas, I clearly knew I wouldn't schedule when either family had thought.  But two appointments back to back incorrect?  Odd.  Then again, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is stressful and strenuous for many. 

As I left my visit this morning, I contacted JA and left messages as we had planned to meet up for lunch.  I was starving, so I grabbed a banana out of my purse.  Seeing that I had gum, I decided to stick the gum on the banana peel as I ate the banana.  I laid the banana peel on the passenger seat in the car, with the gum secured on the peel.

To be honest, I have absolutely no recollection of where the banana peel is.  NONE.  I still don't, hours later.

When I arrived home from work, my son asked what was on my pants.  He asked if I had holey pants and if I really wore them to work.  When I looked down at my pants, I had FIVE small, gooey, sticky patches of...GUM.  The gum must have fallen onto my pants, which then proceeded to stick to a different part of the pant leg, repeatedly as I sat and stood and so on. 

Did I mention, I still have absolutely NO idea where the banana peel is.  I don't remember if I removed the peel from my work car.  I would have to assume that I did, hence how the gum managed to get from inside a banana peel on the passenger seat of the car to my leg.  But maybe the gum fell immediately after I consumed the banana.  Which would mean that I had gum on my upper thigh throughout lunch and throughout a 2.5 hour home visit with a family and then back to the office where I sat at my desk and then to my car to come home.  And...not one person mentioned a thing? 

Tomorrow I will manage to back track my steps to find a now over ripe banana peel.  On a side note, some ice and scraping removed the sticky gum from my dress pants.

I can only wonder what else I have managed to misplace and miscommunicate.  I'm just glad for now, it was a piece of gum and a banana peel.

What types of mishaps have you had while suffering from a lack of sleep?

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