Thursday, July 22, 2010

No News & Annoyances...

Over the past month or so, I've been reading a variety of blogs and stories which of course leave me to find nothing purposeful to actually post on this blog.  Everything in my life seems trivial compared to life-threatening diagnoses, passing of children/parents/loved ones, upcoming marriages/divorces, births or adoption of new children, oil spills, bankruptcies, homelessness, sales/purchases of homes, suicides/homicides, shootings/stabbings, car accidents, child abuse, etc. that surround me. 

I have absolutely nothing to complain about, although I wouldn't say that I'm a big complainer, more just a verbalizer.  I have very little to even babble about, although I can do that well!  But who really cares? 

I've had frustrations with my son's baseball teams and schedule (last minute notices), teenage angst and behaviors, home improvement issues, dating issues, and just miscellaneous things.  Nothing that has been life altering.  No devastation (knock, knock).  But maybe it's not about the loss that we want to hear or read, but the good things.  Well of course it is - which is why I have boycotted the news for years!  But, I don't have lots of new and exciting news to report either!

I guess I'll continue to just ramble when the thought moves me.  As I type this, a downpour of weather exists outside as the thunder rumbles.  A quick call home confirms that at this very moment, there are no streams or visible water cleansing the walls of my basement.  I have yet to call the insurance company to raise my homeowners to include another bathroom and now habitable basement square footage, but I will, soon, very soon. 

Every day I'm amazed and amused by little things.  Every day there is usually something that irritates me equally as much, which passes quickly.

As of late I've been pondering my relationships - friendships and dating.  On Saturday the Ex-Bf came to one of my son's tournament games.  He hadn't paid attention to the schedule and he missed two previous games of the tournament.  Unbeknownst to me, my son invited him to spend the day with him and the team at the hotel after the game.  He denied.  But when he hugged me goodbye he said to call him and see about hanging out the next day and he couldn't wait to do something again.  (Yes it's been 2.5 years since I split from him.  We are not FWB's!)

On Sunday morning before checking out of the hotel, I called him several times to see if he was going to take the jet ski out on the lake.  My son called him four times leaving him messages to call him ASAP.  My son was really hoping to go out on the lake and the tube.  It had been years since he had.

No call.  No nothing.

Until I received a text, ten minutes ago.  Four days later.  Four days!

He apologized for not returning my call but he had a date.  He texted that it went well, but her profile is still up so he doesn't know. 

I won't even begin to type what raced through my head when I read his text.  I responded, "good luck".  I wanted to respond with a lot.  I didn't.  You see, this isn't about me.  This isn't about him and I.  This was about my son.  My son who adores this guy and the friendship they have.  ADORES.  And this man had the audacity to not return HIS calls. 

I did ask my son if he had heard from the Ex-Bf and he said "NO".  I told him that I had and that he had a date.  My son's response, "Really?  A date and he calls four days later?"

I know that my son is obviously like me.  Communication issues or not as he turned a teenager months ago, he and I are still so very alike.  And in sooo many ways, that SCARES ME.

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